We have Values – And they aren’t just hidden away in the marketing folder

Apr 01, 2022

At vBridge we pride ourselves on being a team that consistently produce high-quality ICT solutions that work exceptionally well for our clients and their businesses.  We also have a focus on being a team that is very easy to interact with and does right by our clients.

We have a strong culture that is people and client focused.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  The way we are, the way we interact with each other in our team and with our clients and partners is by design.  This is all driven by a set of values that underpin how we do business and act every day.  We are proud of our values and as the title of this blog suggests they are not just something that we store away in the marketing folder and are dragged out when needed in a presentation or RFP response, they are literally printed out and on the wall of our social area in the office, so every time we have lunch every time we have a Friday beer our values are with us and we are constantly reminded and guided by them.  Today I simply want to share our values with you all, I considered giving a commentary on each one but I think they are so self-explanatory that is not needed.

Value #1:  Remember who we are.

We are people first. Our team, our customers, our partners and our families are all great people. We are accountable to each other and have each other's back.

Value #2: Feel the gravity.

What we do is important to businesses and individuals – treat it with respect. Have the courage to challenge in a positive way whensomething doesn’t feel right. If we do this, we will meet our goal of being the people that our customers call first when they have a problem to solve.

Value #3: Back Yourself

Love that you don’t know it all, keep an open mind, take calculated risks and ownership – believe that it can be done – we won’t always get it right – but keep running in the right direction.

Value #4: Be part of our community

We will support and give back to the community we live and work in.

Value #5: Enjoy the journey

We have fun and enjoy what we do, success comes in many shapes and sizes – seek it out, always learning, always solving problems.

Don’t let the man get you down.

The final comment I would make is that these values are fantastic in isolation, but when enacted all together is where the “special sauce” of the vBridge team comes about.  We are a bunch of good people, who understand how our work impacts the businesses and lives of our clients, we back ourselves to do what is right for our clients and our own business, finally we enjoy ourselves at work and outside of work, when we are out and about in our community doing the things we love.

Hopefully this gives those who read it a little insight into what makes us tick as a team, and also hopefully it gets you thinking about your own personal and company values.