Master Chef vBridge

Aug 05, 2021

Today we held our annual food competition and the topic this year was "Muffins"... Thanks Corey Evans. Things were pretty loose this time round with no rules in place and the only directive we got given was to "produce muffins"... any ingredients!

As usual there was good banter leading up to the day and some folk more enthusiastic than others, but come 10am there was a buzz of energy as the tiny kitchen was swamped with bakers preparing their creations for serving. It was like being in a Michelin star restaurant.

And this is what we were treated too.

It was clear there were two camps... savory & sweet, which to be honest was expected and the standards of food produced was high as per normal. There were also some bold choices when it came to ingredients, some had smoked salmon thrown into them, and some even had beetroot in the mix.

It sure was the first time I've ever had smoked brisket with cream cheese in a muffin... and you know what, it was damn tasty. We had some solid sweet category contenders with the likes of a doughnut muffin and white chocolate with raspberry to name just a few.

But there could be only one winner... and that was Ben Young who produced a specimen of a muffin that was simply delicious, namely Cinnamon Roll Muffins...

Just look at them...!!!

Cinnamon Roll Muffins

As for the next one's topic... well that's for the looser (who shall be kept nameless) to decide, while Ben walks off with his wooden spoon trophy.

Rob Green

Rob originates from SA and delivers a great double-billing in Technical Presales and Technical Delivery.