Run Forest, Run….. but take a podcast!

running Sep 01, 2020

When you spend a good portion of your day sitting in front of a laptop (or a MacBook Pro 💻 in my case) getting away for some fresh air is just the tonic you need during a lunch break. Add to this a good tech podcast and you almost have the perfect recipe …… exercise and education at the same time! It’s almost multitasking at its finest, and while I realize that running and podcasts don’t necessarily work for everyone, they certainly do for me!

The Running 👟

Ok so let’s be clear, I’m no Peter Snell or Nick Willis, or even Forest Gump for that matter! I do, however enjoy getting out and hitting the trails on weekends or during weekdays knocking out a quick (well, not really so quick) figure eight around Hagley Park. I’ve been running for a few years now have managed a few Mountain Marathons and last year had a crack at my first Ultra the Kepler Challenge which was an unforgettable experience!

with a fair bit of rainfall budgy smugglers optional for this event!

With vBridge having moved back into town last year we have Hagley Park right on our doorstep so there really is no excuse. Time to lace up those trainers and hit the park to clock some km's

The Podcasts 🎧

With the tech industry constantly changing there is a never ending need to keep current and to learn about new technologies. Tie this with the unfortunate reality we’re all time poor these days, so being able to make the most of those 45-50 minutes running around Hagley is perfect. Generally have a number of podcasts I subscribe to queued up and ready to go so its a matter of what seems interesting on the day. To really make good use of the time I tend to have the playback speed set to 1.5 or even 2 times normal which just means I can get though more.

And while I from time to time listen to history or science and also running podcasts I do listen to a lot of tech based ones...... here are just a few of on my current rotation:

Virtually Speaking Podcast -

Great Things with Great Tech -

Veeam Community Podcast -

VMware Community Roundtable -

GreyBeards on Storage -

Skeptics Guide to the Universe -

Dirt Church Radio -

It'd be remiss of me to not call out the new GTwGT podcast mentioned above. Anthony Spiteri has done a great job with this covering off a number of interesting tech companies including vBridge in episode 2 featuring our very own Veeam Vanguard Ben Young.

Back to the running, always up for a challenge I've gone and entered into the Old Ghost Ultra in February 2021 so it seems I have quite a bit of training to do. That's going to mean a lot more lunch time laps around Hagley park and weekend missions into the hills. So if you have them, I'm keen to hear podcast suggestions anyone has, and of course stop me and say hello if you see me plodding around the park (no doubt I'll be thankful for the rest)!