Recovering files or virtual machines from your backups

Mar 17, 2021

At vBridge you not only have access to a very robust managed backup solution for your infrastructure as a service but did you also know we can do some pretty clever things when it comes to the recovery of that data?

We have seen it all from "someone deleted an excel file" to "all of our files have been encrypted....".

Like most things there isn't a one size fits all approach, so we dont look at recovery that way.

Here are some common recovery scenarios you could use next time you need to recover some data.

Single (or small number) of files lost/need recovering

The best bet here is to use the the Self-service recovery in MyCloudSpace, spin any of your restore points up and either;

  • download directly in your browser
  • inject the file(s)/folder(s) back into the guest operating system

Lots (or large) files need recovering

This is where the clever components come in and depending on your needs we can do this a few ways.

Instant Disk Recovery
Relatively new feature (Veeam v10) but this allows us to take a single virtual disk from any of the protected machines and attach just that disk to any running machine. It doesn't need to be the same virtual machine, any running machine you have with us will work.

The best part is we can enact this and make it available within seconds even if it is a very large drive. Using the Instant disk recovery feature we spin the disk up out of the retention points on our SSD backup repositories and it connects this to the host of the virtual machine you want to recover the data from, windows can then see this disk - you mount it and copy the data you need.

Instant VM recovery
Similar to the instant disk recovery but this time we present the entire virtual machine for you to access offline via the MyCloudSpace portal. Useful if you have a funky disk configuration or just not sure what data you need.

When you have found the data, you can then add a disk to the machine, copy the data to this new disk - we can then detach the disk and make it available on a running machine for you to copy off before removing the disk.

Entire VM needs to be recovered

Right, one of those "bad days in IT", should you need to recover and entire VM we can use the same technology to get you up and running very quickly.

We can bring up your VM using instant recovery in a matter of minutes - this will then be accessible and servicing requests on your network even though the data is being read out of the backup set - the writes are being redirected to the fast storage in our IaaS environment.

Do note though, that because the reads are coming from the backup environment it will have a performance's better than waiting for the copy of your VM to transit to the hosting platform before bringing it online. Happy staff/customers etc.

Then once online,  in the background while all of this magic is going on we start the production migration, everything get's merged up and back on our blazingly fast IaaS storage - servicing requests the entire time.

Ben Young

Ben is the Development Manager at vBridge and the gate keeper of MyCloudSpace.