Photo Epic: Installing Pure C60-247R3

storage Sep 09, 2021

Install of new Pure Storage C60 array. Photodump, more photos than text.

The Pure Storage C60 is a high capacity QLC NVMe array.  Replacing the last of our spinning disks.

On the heavy lift. Covid restrictions mean 1 man install
24TB QLC NVMe Goodness!
Ready for a raise.
Racked and Stacked
First power. You know something good is happening when you see that logo
USB stick for Pre-Setup Purity upgrade
Upgrade complete
Lights are on. Someone's at home
There are a lot more pure commands when in setup mode. Including the infamous purebezel command
Running puresetup newarray
puresetup secondary. Doesn't ask for much
And we're done.
First time in the GUI. Sign your life away
Healthy Array. Good to go

Phil Snowdon

Phil is the Technical Operations Manager at vBridge. Loves all things infrastructure. Network/Security/Storage/Compute and Virtualization.