Introducing vBridge Object Storage

Object Jan 21, 2021

We are excited to share with you the release of our object storage offering based on the same Cloudian platform we have been using internally for a while now. It has been a rockstar in delivering solid Backup for Office 365 storage performance and resiliency.

Here a few things we love about our object offering and we know you will too;

  • As with all vBridge product offerings we have integrated this into MyCloudSpace, our cloud management portal to deliver you a custom experience that sits along side all of the other services you have with us.
  • We have kept the product simple. The only thing you pay for is data stored, per GB and uses our same billing engine giving you hourly granularity. This makes makes it easy to predict your object storage costs in not having to worry about data egress, or the number of storage transactions (GET, PUT, DELETE etc) which we feel is extremely important to organisations.
  • It is delivered locally. This means if you have IaaS and Firewall as a Service with us you can enjoy datacenter speeds and sub-millisecond latency to the front door. Even if you don't you can still access this over our fast national internet peering.
  • It supports Object Lock aka immutability which means that you can set policy on your objects (or your software can) and data cannot be removed before the policy expiry. This is as close as it gets to "air gapping" so if you are looking to use this as long term backup retention we have your back.

So, what can you do with object storage?

A lot is the short answer. We are starting to see this become the storage platform of choice for a lot of products. Chances are if an application in your environment doesn't support object now it is only a matter of time if it has a storage requirement.

We will be publishing some more posts in the coming months around ways we have been using object storage but if you are using Veeam for your backups here are a couple of posts we already have live on this blog;

See it in action

Ben Young

Ben is the Development Manager at vBridge and the gate keeper of MyCloudSpace.