Immutable Object Storage now multi-region

Object Dec 08, 2021

Earlier in the year we launched our object storage platform at our Christchurch hosting location, fast forward 10 months and I am pleased to announce we have a second region - you can now provision immutable object storage in Auckland.

Under the hood it is the same robust Cloudian platform you have come to know of our Christchurch object, with the object-lock functionality enabled. It of course uses the same predictable cost-per-gb cost model, no egress or transaction fees making it the perfect place to offload your backup data from Veeam or where you just need a local, reliable, fast and predictable object platform.

How do you access it?

The same way you did before, through MyCloudSpace. You will now be presented the option of where you want to provision it.

Under the quotes section, hit the Storage tab and then "Add s3 Storage", fill in the usage details if you want to estimate the running costs up front. We have the same cost for both Auckland and Christchurch regions.

As with all items in MyCloudSpace, hit the green rocket

Now the confirmation will load, you can then select the desired region

Hit provision, and this will become instantly available via your Object Storage menu link.

Clicking into the object storage using the cog item will then let you

  • Create new users
  • Generate/Remove access keys for user access
  • Create buckets (with or without object-lock)

Everything else will be performed by your s3 client or other tooling that is accessing the object platform.

That's all there is to it, you can have as many object tenants as you need across multiple regions. MyCloudSpace will handle the billing automatically and all storage usage is calculated and pro-rated hourly. Simple eh?

Ben Young

Ben is the Development Manager at vBridge and the gate keeper of MyCloudSpace.