Fortinet Accelerate 2021

Mar 12, 2021

... Digital Edition

An online, digital event is never quite as engaging as an in-person conference, but Fortinet held their annual event for APAC on the 11th March NZ time.

There is a lot of on-demand content to review, but here's the 5 minute summary for those who just need a quick update.

There was the usual corporate overview on how well Fortinet are doing...

Big arrows are always good?

And the fact that the majority of their solutions are built organically in-house based on their own technology.

But for me the key take was the announcement of FortiOS 7.0 and some cool new features.  Zero Trust Access looks particularly exciting.

Introducing FortiOS 7.0

There were many sessions, and my biggest concern with the online digital editions is that it is hard for both the presenters and the audience to interact and be engaged,  so here are couple of my highlights from the Tech Expo

Zero Trust Access and demo

SOC AI and Deception from Jack Chan

Looking forward to giving 7.0 a test drive later this year when it is released.

Phil Snowdon

Phil is the Technical Operations Manager at vBridge. Loves all things infrastructure. Network/Security/Storage/Compute and Virtualization.