Did you know We Do Managed Services and Consultancy?

Apr 01, 2022

As all of our clients will know, vBridge started life as a provider of high-quality Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS) as well as networking, security and licensing solutions, and we believe that we have done these things very well for more than 11 years now.

But what some of you may not know is that with our merger with Softsource in 2021 we now offer a complete end to end suite of ICT integrator services that include, a 24x7 fully managed service desk, managed user support services, M365 support practice, security practice as well as a raft of other ICT consultancy services.

With a team of 70+ passionate individuals in our Auckland office, and we have been quietly building up our on the ground resources in our Christchurch office, we now have a team of Softsource engineers who sit alongside our vBridge team.  The integration of the teams is going very well and there is strong cultural alignment between vBridge and Softsource.

The purpose of this blog is just to let more of our vBridge clients know what we are up to, and some of the services we can now offer.

Our base managed service offerings are represented in the graphic below:

Everything we do in this space is underpinned by our outstanding managed Service Desk team.  Our Service Desk are a small team of tranined ICT engineers who have an exceptional first level resolution rate for end user calls.  The team is backed by a solid bunch of ITIL aligned process as well as ICT management toolsets that have been specifically designed to aid the effectiveness of our teams ability to respond remotely, as well as perform proactive monitoring and remediation.

From the foundation of the managed Service desk we have built our managed user and support services.  We are confident in our ability to configure and deploy stable environments, for our client base, and this is why we can offer an “all you can eat” managed service framework, so that our clients can have surety in their ICT spend on a monthly basis and also know that we will be here to assist and resolve any issues that their end users may have at any time.

Our end user managed service includes full support for all the end user ICT activities and their devices.  Also if the client utilises the M365 suite of services our bolt on M365 support service makes for a complete end user support managed service at a fixed monthly cost.

We also provide fixed cost server, (physical and virtual) as well as storage, network and backup manaaged services.  These managed services give our clients complete peace of mind that their physical and virtual infrastructure is monitored, maintained, patched and under full managed support at all times.   Once again these services are provided at a fixed monthly cost with no hidden or surprise ad-hoc charging for time and materials engineering labour when unexpected events or security exploits occur.

As mentioned above, the reason that we can confidently offer a fixed priced service is that that when we either design and install or tranistion support from another provider, we do this according to IT best practice guidelines, this gives both our clients and ourselves the confidence that the environments that we manage are the best they can be, before we hand them over to our BAU managed support construct.

Our migration philosophy is simple ues robust and follows the framework outlined in the figure below:


Along with these managed services we also offer consultancy and “point in time” services such as our vCIO service, our Security Practice that include both offensive and defensive secuirty consturcts, as well as highly skilled Technical Architects who are avaliable to assist in review, design and implementation activities as needed.

I will elaborate more on these services mentioned above in future blogs, but for now, if you don’t feel you are getting the best out of your current IT frameworks and support don’t hesitate to give us a call, we are now much more of a one stop shop for support our clients IT requirments end to end.