Delivering real-time metrics to our customers with InfluxDB and Grafana

presentation Jun 10, 2021

After talking with the InfluxDB crew they asked if i would share our story around how we use InfluxDB here at vBridge to deliver real time metrics to our customers through MyCloudSpace as well as use the tool internally for capacity planning and performance monitoring.

Naturally I said yes and presented this presentation live at the start of June.

In this webinar I ran through

  • Our methodology to hosting infrastructure as a service
  • Our approach to delivering superior processing power, meeting uptime SLA’s
  • How vBridge uses a time series database to empower their clients with real-time monitoring of clients’ backend systems
  • How we monitor HPE 3par arrays, Veeam Backup & Replication/Cloud Connect as well as the API traffic going through MyCloudSpace

You can see the slide deck below - if any of this is of interest please reach out to us for more information.

Ben Young

Ben is the Development Manager at vBridge and the gate keeper of MyCloudSpace.