Customer Support & Experience

Feb 01, 2021

This weekend I had the pleasure of moving house again and being the 4thtime in 4 years, on the contrary it wasn’t too bad – my wife and I have developed a system that works pretty well making it a little easier and stress free….well mostly.

We all expect one or two things not go as we’d like or expect and this time was no exception. I had very few services to move and this all went seamlessly, as I could request the service relocation via either the service providers mobile app or a quick email to the service provider relocation team. All was going well until I had an issue with a device that basically died as a result of being powered off and power on again. So no big deal right, I can just ring up the providers support line and request a replacement, there’s really no troubleshooting that needs to happen here.

But no….. I was too quick to assume this would be a pain free process. Even though I was a named and authorized individual on said account, the operator A: could not “find” this information and B: refused to help me any further until the owner of the account gave authorization! Bearing in mind that the reason I am a named individual on the account is because the “Account Owner” had already provided authorization six month prior. CRM hygiene….. another bug bear of mine, but I’ll leave that for another day.

So to cut a long story short, I eventually got a ticket logged after another two calls to the service providers support center, finally managing to get through to a L3 support person. They are now sending me a new device….. Happy Days. Granted, the support individuals were simply following their given procedures, however a little more time digging to retrieve the correct information which they had on file would have gone a long way to resolve this issue at the first call, not the third. Not to mention avert intensely high levels of frustration.

Excellent customer service and experience in my mind is at the core to any organizations success, and I can hand on heart say that’s what you get when dealing with vBridge. Customer experience is something we hold very high here and its often talked about in the office, and without blowing my own vBridge trumpet so to speak, I think this is why the business is so successful. The reason I can say this is because I’ve been on the other side of the fence. I was previously a vBridge customer for two years prior to joining, and every single time I called or sent in a request, it was attended to timeously and resolved, sometimes even going that extra mile when the problem at hand was not vBridge related. This is something I try my utmost to replicate as I also form part of the support team here.  

I think it’s a simple philosophy – when providing customer support, treat the caller as you would want to be treated and be mindful that even though it may be a small issue for you, it could be a big one for them.

Rob Green

Rob originates from SA and delivers a great double-billing in Technical Presales and Technical Delivery.