COVID-19 Contract Tracing Tool Review

May 25, 2020

Here at vBridge we went with a solution from our partners at Soft Source in NZ.

With a plethora of solutions available, we looked at many including doing our own simple options primarily to trace our visitors.  We ultimately chose the Soft Source solution as it was an easy set up and would be up and running on our Microsoft 365 tenancy in hours – we liked this as combined with our own vBridge Backup for Office 365 solution, we had backups running straight away without having to do anything else.

The solution was up and running very quickly with less than 2 hours effort from our end.  We have a solution that allows us to easily trace visitors using a simple QR code at our reception desk.

For our own movements to data centres and customers, we can very easily record where we went and who we saw – all from our mobile devices.  For locations that we frequent regularly we can easily set up locations in the system to make life easier.

Easy to use, great price – more info here.

Ben Young

Ben is the Development Manager at vBridge and the gate keeper of MyCloudSpace.