Automated Monthly Reporting in MyCloudSpace

mycloudspace Mar 17, 2021

We are in the process of rolling out automated monthly reporting in MyCloudSpace which will be generally available for all customers by mid April.

The automated reports are a great way to see a snapshot of your account with us this not only includes summaries of virtual resources or services but also audit events, SPLA utilisation and financial tracking.

What does it contain?

We have tried to keep the report light weight and only include key information about your account given that all of this data is available at any time you want via MyCloudSpace directly.

Virtual machine summary
This lets you know how many active, inactive and replica machines you have

Maintenance/Incident Summary
Integrated directly with our status page ( we summarise all maintenance or incidents during the period.

Detailed the total number of logins (including failure count), the number of active users / roles who actively logged in during the period as well as a summary of users and roles who are deemed inactive (did not login during the period)

Reminds you each month your committed SPLA products and quantities so you can review and adjust as required

If you are in the financial role within MyCloudSpace you will get this section - it breaks down your products and services into categories and summarises the total spend for the month and the previous month. As an added bonus if you have reporting groups these are also included and can be tracked month+previous.

How does it work?

At the start of each month our automated process crunches all of the numbers from the previous month, stores the output and then send's a notification to users that have subscribed to the report letting them know it is available for download in PDF format.

Even if you are not subscribed (more on this in a minute) you will be able to access these via your Client Settings in MyCloudSpace, hit the Monthly Reports tab, see below as an example

Click download and your PDF will open in a browser and you can save / print or do whatever you need to with the report.

How do you subscribe/get access?

Once this goes general availability you can subscribe to the notifications via your own personal notification preferences (little bell next to your name), simply select the Monthly Report in the list

If you dont want to be notified then you can simply visit the Client Settings section from the 5th of the month (this bit is being tweaked and will likely be scheduled to run closer to the start of the month) and download, this tab will be available shortly for all clients.

We hope you start using these reports on a monthly basis and this is very much an area we intend on enhancing with more meaningful data.

If you have any ideas or data that would be valuable then please drop us an email.

Ben Young

Ben is the Development Manager at vBridge and the gate keeper of MyCloudSpace.